Monday, November 1, 2010


  1. last updated on november 1st...

    won't draw me that shit (you could put it on your blog)...

    what the hell you been up to?

  2. Doesn't creation of a work of art have to have a beginning and an end? You show us progress, but isn't it incumbent upon you to finish the painting to reflect a certain state of your mind? If you keep updating your work, then you deprive the work of creation. At what point would modifying a Van Gogh or a Cezanne be considered a travesty - even if done by the original artist? Paintings are supposed to be created; they are not supposed to evolve - your work as a whole can evolve but individual pieces need a beginning and end. After all, individual organisms do not evolve. They reflect evolution, but they are a fixed entity. Finish your work son and move on... you need some money for canvas?