Sunday, May 29, 2011

This week I :

-Got rid of my bed and rearranged some furniture so I'd have better light, and more space to paint. (priorities)

-Built a painting table with a piece of glass I salvaged from the Getty store before it was torn apart for renovations.

-Built a bike.

-Drank some beer.

-Listened to this song (a lot):

-Brought some old painting subjects/objects out of storage and into the studio in anticipation of their integration into some current work.

-Got another ulcer in my eye, spent some time in the ER, and on pain pills.

-Drove to Arizona (not while on pain pills). Witnessed the immediate aftermath of my brother's first (and hopefully last) marriage proposal. He proposed in the morning. I got there around noon. My dad was in the backyard with a neighbors rooster caught in a trap he had set for it (they shit everywhere, dig up his plants, and wake him up in the morning). He let the dogs have their way with it. I think it went well. 

-Took a day trip south and visited Colossal Cave, Karchner Caverns, and Tombstone. Took reference photos when I could. (unfortunately not in Karchner as I wasn't allowed)

-Saw some decapitated palm trees reminiscent of the neighborhood rooster post chew toy.

I hope to have art updates soon.